Thawing a frozen condensate pipe... The main reason a boiler will not work in very cold conditions

    If you think your that your boiler condensate pipe has frozen, the follow guide should help you get your boiler going again.
    BUT if you don’t feel confident enough to follow this guide then you should contact us at H & H Oil Heating and Plumbing to help you.

    But if your are stuck follow the advice below!

    1. In extreme cold weather your boiler may not start and show a fault, this could be because of a frozen condensate pipe. A dead give away is if the boiler starts to develop a gurgling noise. 
    2. This is an easy to fix issue that you can perfoem. All you need to do is pour hot water over the condensate pipe. So put the kettle on!
    3. Once your kettle has boiled let it cool down. Let the kettle cool down for fifteen minutes or if your freezing top up the kettle with cold water. It’s important to do this so that you cut down the chances of burning yourself and also so that you dont crack the condensate pipe.
    4. Nine times out of ten condensate pipes freeze near to the ground, so simply pour the hot water over the pipe slowly.
    5. Now you have thawed the condensate pipe it’s time to reset the boiler.
    6. If the boiler fires up job done if not you may need to call us on 012389 851997 

    Remember! It may take several attempts before your boiler restarts, but if it doesn’t, you may need to call out a qualified boiler engineer.


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