Why if your a business you need a new oil tank thats bunded

    Your heating engineer needs to have you prepared for changes to environmental regulations in Wales.

    The new environmental regulations that have been received from Natural Resources Wales will put heating engineers who specialise in oil at risk of a £5,000 fine.

    The new regulations are to come into effect around March 2020. They stipulate that oil storage tanks in excess of 200-litre capacity on commercial premises will need to have a secondary containment unit, be bunded. The new requirement is to prevent oil spillages from affecting the environment. Those Businesses that fail to meet the new standards can be fined up to £5,000.

    To comply with Oil Storage Regulations, above ground oil tanks over 200 litres have to have 110% secondary containment by April 2020. It aims to reduce the potential for negative effects on the environment and to prevent businesses receiving hefty fines.

    OFTEC (the Oil Firing Technical Association) is working with a supplier of bunded oil tanks, to advise businesses and installers about how they can prepare for the new regulations. This includes free site assessments and advice on oil tank awareness for businesses owners. The legislation outlines who must comply, how to comply, maintenance requirements and sets out simple steps to ensure oil is stored safely.


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