Oil Burner issues

    If your boiler control system recognises a fault it is programmed to shut the burner down. The most common reason for shut down is through its flame sensor or photo resistor.

    The reason your boiler has this safety mechanism is to automatically lock-down the burner to prevent further potential damage.

    This system is referred to by boiler engineers as lockout. As well as acknowledging that there is a problem it’s a system designed to prevent additional problems such as damage to the boiler or central heating system plus most importantly your safety.

    If your oil-fired boiler is in lockout then it will need to be reset, to restore function.


    If you are not sure if your boiler is in lockout then look for the following...

    Look for an error code on the oil boiler display or boiler control panel.

    More commonly you will see a flashing red or an illuminated orange light.

    The reasons for an oil boiler lockout vary a lot. Older boilers can tend to lock out more due to wear and tear and often neglected boilers can lockout because they have not been adequately serviced or maintained, it’s important to have your boiler serviced regularly, this will increase reliability and performance.

    Another reason for a lockout could be a blockage in the fuel system that disrupts the oil feed pressure. This can be due to:

    A blocked filter on your tank.

    A failing fuel pump can reduce the required fuel pressure.

    Sometimes you have simply run out of oil!

    You can follow your owner’s manual steps to restart a boiler, remember: Do not try and exceed your own knowledge level. A persistent problem will probably require a professional solution.




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