Starting up your boiler if you have run out of oil

    This advice is for gravity fed boilers only

    Make sure there's oil in your oil tank

    Remove the front of the boiler.

    Get a small spanner or Allen key, in most cases it's an Allen key.  
    You will now need to find the bleed nut, it's in the front of the boiler but may not be too obvious, At worst undo the feed hose to the pump. The feed hose is the flexible hose attached to the on/off tap

    Fuel will begin to dribble out along with air, let it dribble until it's at a steady rate of flow. If you bleed into a bottle watch untill the flow has no bubbles in it.

    Screw the hose or plug back in but not completely tight, just in until it stops dripping.

    These is a red reset button on the burner, press the button and cross your fingers. 

    It didn't fire? Repeat the bleeding process, it can take a good number of goes. If you do find this is not working then check the filter. 


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